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At Muve, the most common search indemnity we use is theoneSearch Express indemnity and property data report

A full fact sheet on this product is available below.

One Search Express

Search Indemnity Insurance

If you’re worried about missing a deadline, OneSearch are offering an insurance policy (called OneSearch Express) which will allow you to complete your property purchase without waiting for conveyancing searches to be returned.

What is search insurance?

Search indemnity insurance has been used for many years whenever a house sale needed to complete more quickly than a search could be returned. The insurance will compensate you for loss in the value of your property due to issues, which would normally have been revealed in a search.

Don’t be left in the dark

Express is different to other indemnity policies as not only is it a £1.5m insurance policy, it also includes an additional report on your property containing over 70% of the information you would usually get from a local authority search.

Express provides cover in place of the following searches which can often cause unacceptable hold ups

How does Express protect you?

The Express policy will compensate you for the difference between the price you paid for your property and any reduced value that results from previously unidentified issues (such as a public right of way) which would have been revealed in a search.

The Express data report includes over 80 data points, including (but not limited to):

This report will allow your solicitor to practice due diligence and make further enquiries if red flags are revealed.

Full transparency

We are committed to ensuring you are fully aware of the Express product, and we hope this fact sheet has been useful in helping you make an informed decision.

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