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Muve Triumphs With National Client Care Award

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Muve has been awarded the Client Care award at The Modern Law Awards 2022. 

The awards were hosted in April at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London – a packed event filled with industry professionals.

The Client Care award is awarded to a firm that:

  • Has exceeded expectations of basic client care and professionalism.
  • Is able to show an innovative approach to improving and maintaining all aspects of client care from initial client contact to completion of issues.
  • Is able to maintain a high level of client care even in periods of turbulence.
  • Is able to demonstrate that the standard of their services has helped to increase the profitability of their company and business levels through client word of mouth.
  • Has demonstrated great adaptation to the COVID pandemic, showing resourcefulness, tenacity and operational agility.

Our CEO, David Jabbari, said: “We are incredibly proud to have won the Client Care award. Client care and customer service are at the heart of Muve, and it’s so incredibly humbling to see the hard work and dedication that our teams have put in pay off.”

Throughout 2021, Muve increased the number of reviews we received by 274% while also reducing the number of complaints by 51.4%. All while achieving 3x the number of completions as we did in 2020!

Muve’s complaints handling is also 23 days quicker than the industry average, from acknowledgement to resolution with the client.

David continues: “Our mission is to perfect the home moving journey through a technology-led and customer-focused approach. We’ll continue to invest in technology that helps us provide an award-winning customer experience!

“We are committed to establishing the best, most repeatably excellent, Client Care in the whole of the conveyancing sector.

“A big congratulations to Stuart Tite, our Head of Customer Experience, and his team for their continued hard work.”

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