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Should You Pay More For a Faster House Sale?

Published : 2023

Selling a house can often be a time-consuming and stressful process. From finding the right buyer to completing the complex legal procedures, it can feel like an eternity before you finally hand over the keys. However, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of quick house sale companies, the option of expediting the process has become more prevalent. This blog will explore whether paying more for a faster house sale is a worthwhile investment.


The Digital Revolution:

According to a Tech of a Life Magazine survey, a staggering 88% of respondents expressed their willingness to pay more for a digital and smoother conveyancing process. This highlights the growing demand for faster and more efficient methods of selling property. With technology playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, it’s natural to expect its integration into the real estate industry.


Ways to Speed Up a House Sale:

If you’re not inclined to pay extra for a quick house sale service, there are several strategies you can employ to expedite the process yourself:

  1. Set a Competitive Price: Conduct thorough research to determine a competitive and appealing price for your property. An attractively priced home is more likely to generate interest and prompt a faster sale.
  2. Enhance Curb Appeal: First impressions matter. Enhance the curb appeal of your property by ensuring it looks well-maintained and inviting. Simple improvements such as a fresh coat of paint or landscaping can make a significant difference.
  3. Stage Your Home: Create an environment that appeals to potential buyers by staging your home. Remove clutter, depersonalise the space, and highlight its best features. This helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the property.
  4. Book your survey early: House surveys can be booked weeks in advance to avoid delays. Having an early survey also allows plenty of time to investigate anything that may be flagged up as an issue.
  5. Prepare your paperwork: Keep all of your paperwork organised and in one place so that documents can easily be found as and when they are needed.


Muve’s MuveFast Service:

In the quest for a faster house sale, national online conveyancers Muve and their MuveFast upgrade are worth considering. This upgrade leverages technology to streamline the sale’s legal aspects, reducing the time required for conveyancing.

The MuveFast upgrade offers a fully digitalised conveyancing process, allowing for faster document preparation, electronic signatures, and real-time updates. By embracing technology and automation, Muve aims to simplify the legal complexities of selling a property, leading to a quicker and smoother transaction. Muve is the only UK Law Firm to guarantee the exchange of contracts in five weeks for a freehold property and eight weeks for a leasehold property with its MuveFast upgrade, the firm’s unique flagship product. If Muve fails to deliver on this promise for whatever reason, they drop the price for the client, and you get your upgrade fee back for each week over the timeline.


To Conclude

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s natural to desire a quick house sale. While quick house sale companies offer an expedited process, weighing the pros and cons and considering the associated costs and potential undervaluation is essential. Alternatively, homeowners can implement various strategies to speed up their house sales independently. Additionally, the emergence of national online conveyancers, such as Muve’s MuveFast service, provides a promising solution by leveraging technology to streamline the legal aspects of the transaction. Ultimately, deciding to pay more for a faster house sale depends on your circumstances, priorities, and budget.

If you’d like to learn more about Muve’s MuveFast service, don’t hesitate to get in touch or get a free quote.