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Muve’s Refer A 'Friend' Offer - Terms and Conditions

How it works:

To participate, complete the form above with your (the Referrer) and your friend’s (the Nominee) details after confirming their consent.

Your friend (the Nominee) will receive an email and request a quote via the provided link.

We will contact your friend and generate a detailed estimate including a discount of £100.

You receive a £100 digital gift card on completion of your friend’s case.


The £100 digital gift card is issued to the Referrer only when a Nominee (Friend or Family member) engages with Muve Conveyancing, instructs us, and achieves ‘Completion.’

Eligibility for rewards is contingent upon the first successful completion of a transaction by a referred client. For instance, if a transaction falls through due to external reasons, the reward won’t be granted. However, if the client proceeds with Muve and completes the sale later, the reward becomes valid.


This Refer a Friend Offer is open only to those who are buying, selling, remortgaging or doing a transfer of equity for a property. Anyone who has access to the link can apply for the offer.

Only one referral discount is applicable per transaction or set of linked transactions.

Referral discounts cannot be combined with other offers or discounts and are exclusively applicable to quotes initiated directly through our website ( We make no guarantees that we can act for you or any person you refer to us.

Referrals are valid for future transactions but cannot be retroactively applied to previous or ongoing transactions.

To qualify, the referred individual (nominee) must not have had any prior association or existing relationship with Muve Conveyancing. 

Referee, must have been referred through the form above. 

You can refer as many times as you like, including on social media and other online platforms, and there’s no limit on the value you can receive from successful referrals. However, we do ask that you don’t make false statements about Muve or your relationship to us.

We reserve the right to revoke or modify referral deals if guidelines are violated or for other valid reasons.

Client confidentiality is upheld, and we cannot disclose transaction details of referred clients to the Referrer.

Sharing your contact details might be necessary to fulfil the promise of the digital gift card, which may involve sharing details with another company (for example, we will need to share your contact details with another company to provide you with the digital gift card).

The Offer adheres to the laws and regulations of England & Wales and is void where prohibited.

As the Referrer, you will receive an email within 7-14 working days of your Nominee instructing Muve if the eligibility criteria laid out herein has been met. You will also receive an email within 7-14 working days of Completion of their transaction with your payment voucher.