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Can You Afford Your Own Love Island Villa?

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What would your villa look like?

The Love Island villa isn’t your conventional property, so we can’t calculate its value based on how many bedrooms, bathrooms or outside space it has. The real villa is full of fake walls and off-camera hideaways, and we’re not talking about where contestants can go for a more intimate evening. There are whole kitchens, larders, bedrooms and bathrooms that viewers never get to see.

We don’t think most people will need fake walls in their own homes, so we’ve taken them out and created a Love Island villa you can actually live in and enjoy.

Here’s your ground floor and garden floor plan:

Muve’s experts value the Love Island villa at around £4,500,000.

We’ve estimated that the Love Island villa itself includes roughly 11,000 square feet of interior floor space, which certainly puts it into the mansion category of homes. Spread across two floors, with outside terraces and balconies, the villa makes the most of the sun with a south-facing garden and outdoor kitchen.

And with all that outdoor space, there’s plenty of room for extensions to the property in the future too.

Entering the property through a large front door, flanked by floor to ceiling windows, you’ll find the main bedroom that can comfortably sleep more than 10 people. However, private owners might want to break the large bedroom area into smaller, self-contained bedrooms. This bedroom features glass doors with access to the rear garden.

Through to the Eastern side of the property, you’ll find a large open living area, complete with a fold-down bed built into the wall that can accommodate more guests. Off this living area is the interview room, which could easily be converted into a small study, and the ground floor family bathroom.

Off to the side of the main property is the hideaway, a large open bedroom with its own balcony and self-contained hot tub area, perfect for those cooler evenings.

The first floor is accessed through a staircase with high ceilings and a landing that looks over the entrance to the property’s floor to ceiling windows. To one side, there is a large dressing room, complete with wall-fitted wardrobes and a central makeup area with mirrors and lighting. French doors lead out onto the first-floor balcony, with commanding views over the garden and countryside.

At the opposite end of the hall is another dressing area and a large bathroom with his and hers faucets and mirrors.

What could be improved?

The Love Island villa is a stunning property, fit with modern amenities and some incredible outdoor space. However, there is still room for improvement.

One startling omission from the property is an interior kitchen, which according to insiders, is hidden behind a fake wall in the bedroom. In its place is the outdoor kitchen area that we often see on the show.

The inside kitchen was blocked off to encourage the islanders to spend more of their time outside in the sun and in front of the cameras, but of course, if you buy the villa for yourself, you’ll want to reinstall your own kitchen back where it belongs.

We’re also amazed that there seems to be no garage space for cars or additional storage, especially for a property of this size and value. Properties of similar value in the UK almost always have a detached double garage, and in more premium properties, you can often find an annexe above the garage space. We’d expect a refit to include these features.

Can you buy a similar property in the UK?

There are few places in the UK where you can find a property similar to the Love Island villa, but you can expect it to be much more expensive.

Majorca might have some stunning sea views on its Mediterranean coastline, but inland the island is much more rural, and land there is much cheaper.

The cost of land in the UK has been ever-increasing as supply decreases and demand increases. The North of England typically sees cheaper land whereas the South and especially the South East sees substantially higher prices.

To find a property with all the features of the Love Island villa, including property with over 10,000 square feet of floor space, a swimming pool, an annexe similar to the Hideaway and excellent outdoor space, you’re likely to be looking at spending around £10,000,000. 

To pay off a 25-year mortgage on a property of that value, you’d be looking at paying roughly £50,000 a month on your mortgage. You can expect to pay more than £29,000 in interest on your mortgage, too.

You can find properties like these in the Sandbanks area of Poole, on the Dorset coast. Famous residents include ex-footballers such as Harry Redknapp, son Jamie, and Graeme Souness.

Can we pull you in for a chat?

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If you’re looking at making your dream move, we’re here to help with buying, selling or remortgaging your home.

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