• Local legal firms can cover all kinds of legal advice, and not necessarily just property transactions. Often, your case work can be completed by interns, assistants, juniors or paralegals while a qualified conveyancer handles other legal matters or even goes to court for other clients, causing delays in your transaction.
  • Traditional legal firms still depend on posting documents or visiting the office. Rarely have they been able to invest in technology to help speed up the process.
  • Price is charged by the hour, includes hidden fees and requires you to pay regardless of the outcome of the transaction. Therefore, you cannot be certain as to how your final bill would be like. Ask them: what if the deal falls through? Are you still responsible for paying their legal fees? The last thing you want is to end up with a legal bill for an unfinished move.
  • Local legal firms generally work traditional office hours, and often do not have the technology to facilitate you to view all of your documents stored in one place. You may also experience delays while you wait for documents to be posted out to you, and then you post them back again.


  • We are experts in this field. This is our work every day, so we can better help you with our dedicated property expertise. All of our team are either solicitors, licensed conveyancers or legal professionals who have many years of experience, and since property conveyancing is all we do, we can give advice and move quickly!
  • We are truly a digital conveyancer therefore you never need to visit our offices. You can manage your move exclusively through our portal, which means a lot less paperwork and delays while things are posted.
  • We provide the lowest fixed fee quote we can – what is quoted to you at the beginning of the process is what you would pay unless your transaction becomes more complex. We don’t want you to have any surprises when you come to pay the final bill therefore all additional fees / services will be communicated to you prior to that piece of work is commenced. In the event that your transaction falls through, we will refund you the fees owed to Muve other than

    i) additional services executed,
    ii) case set-up fee.
  • Our client portal allows you to keep track of how the transaction is progressing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Progress is visualised, with the next steps shown, what you can do to help, and all documents can be accessed through the portal

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